Friday, 23 December 2011





      Olivia Palermo is a modern-day fashion icon.  Her attention to detail, her keen sense of style, and her ability to foresee new trends is what sets her apart from the rest. She has the ability to mix and match proportion, texture, and color with ease. She is known to mix high designer brands with the affordable labels. Her city girl look is smart, sophisticated-dressing outside the box.

Olivia is often referred to as a real-life Gossip Girl. Her chic street day look is composed of layered ensembles, feminine cardigans, chic trenches and faux fur accessories.

 Olivia stands out because she’s a rule breaker. The best thing about Olivia is that her look is never too perfect or unattainable. There isn't much in her wardrobe that can’t translate to real life and into your own wardrobe. She has a range of blazers, shorts and day-bags that she mix and matches in her looks. Her transitional day to night looks are always top-notch, with attention to every detail and accessorizing to the tens. Olivia has the ability to mix texture and pattern with such ease and style.

Her accessories become part of the outfit. Olivia's use in color is superb. With splashes of color in her outfits and her ability to color- block she is able to create stunning statement outfits.

Olivia's evening looks are always super glamorous and chic- from sequins, to flowing gowns to bold patterned pieces. Her hair and makeup is always impeccable and never distracting, with the focus fully on her beautiful outfits.

Rock the Red xx

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