Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fall & Winter Trends 2011 - Colour

The variety of trendy colors this season is HUGE.  There are  always some you like more than others and that you will feel more comfortable wearing. Be daring and inventive with colour and you might surprise your biggest critic--yourself.

The Brights- Magentas, Oranges, &Yellows

These colours will definitely brighten up your fall/winter wardrobe. If you choose to wear soft hues throughout the season, these are great to add as bright details. Accessorize your wardrobe with shoes, hats or bags or go vibrant with one clothing item to add interest and focus in your outfit-- a great pair of blue slim pants or a magenta blazer. Keep your look smart with a good balance in colour. Don't go overboard with too many vivid colours in one look as you will create a winter disaster.

Yellow- You are still able to keep wearing your yellow pieces from your summer collection as the colour is still fresh and super trendy; however, you may want to consider wearing deeper tones of this colour to make the look more winter-classy.

Orange- orange is a very trendy colour this season. Be smart with this colour as you may want to wear it in details and splashes-- You do Not want to look like a big pumpkin. If you are bold, wear it as your primary piece with some neutrals to bring the outfit together. This will create the illusion of the orange to look more cool than vivid as in the summer.

Magenta - this is a stunning colour this fall/winter when worn correctly.  Pair it with neutrals to make the look classy. You do not want to make the mistake and wear the magenta in summer fashion. Add midnights and neutrals to contrast the colour and piece the outfit together.

Dolce & Gabbana- Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Dolce & Gabbana- Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Bottega-Veneta -Autumn/ Winter 2011-2012

Gucci- Autumn/Winter 2011-2012

Burberry Prorsum- Fall/Winter 2011-2012

The Midnights- Burgundy, Grape  & the Blues

Adding colour to your wardrobe does not necessarily mean going strong with the brights of the season. Burgundy, grape and blue are a great way to add some colour to your fall/winter wardrobe. These colours are very versatile and create an easy, bold look. All three colours look great paired together or as a statement colour on their own. They are great to wear during the holidays season at work events, to the office and in outerwear--much easier to experiment with these without creating a fashion faux pas.

Mulberry- Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Luis Vuitton- Fall/Winter 2011-2012
The Neutrals- Black & White

Black and White are always super classy, fabulous and fashionable. They are super easy, versatile, and are classic colours that will last you forever as you can add onto them in your fall/winter wardrobe. They work perfectly when paired together in pattern and details. Black is a great neutral to pair with your brights or your midnights. You cannot go wrong with black-it's slimming, classic and super chic.

White is a winter wardrobe wonderland. Do not believe that white cannot be worn past labour day. White is oh-so chic and classic worn alone, and works wonderfully paired as a neutral with your fall/winter wardrobe colours.  Have fun with white- accessorize your outfits and make the look fabulous.

Burberry Prorsum- Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Viktor & Rolf- Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Bluemarine Fall/Winter- 2011-2012

Firstly, be sure your fall/winter wardrobe is built around the colours that you feel the most stylish and comfortable wearing. Add splashes and details of the trendy colours into your wardrobe secondarily.xx

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