Monday, 14 November 2011

A Great Haircut, Everytime

3 Ways to Communicate With Your Hair Stylist

This is for all women out there that has been to the salon and walked out with a haircut-catastrophe. We all have had a bad haircut experience in our past. Our womanly instinct is to blame the hairdresser and oath to never return to that particular salon. Have you ever thought that maybe it wasn't the hairdresser, and perhaps it was a case of miscommunication? Every woman wants a fabulous haircut to go with that ever-so fabulous outfit. With these helpful communication tips you will be one step closer to achieving the haircut of your dreams, with little to no surprises.

1. Visuals
Always, always bring pictures of the look you want to achieve. By providing a picture of the cut you want, you will give the stylist a clear visual as to the length, the style and the shape you want. Another great idea is to try a Virtual Hairstyler- upload a picture of yourself and find your perfect hairstyle with one click!

2. Know What Style Suits Your Lifestyle 
The key is to achieve a cut that is suitable for your lifestyle, and  that you can recreate at home on a daily basis. If you are a wash and go kind of woman, you do not want to get a cut that will take an hour to recreate. Be specific and open with your stylist, so the both of you can create a fabulous cut that is suited for your fabulous lifestyle. 
3. Don't be Afraid to Speak UP!
If you fear that your cut is going in the wrong direction while in the midst of it all- Speak Up Woman! Your stylist can do some damage control on the spot! Address your issues politely so it can clear up any worries, and/ or stop it from going any further in the wrong direction. If you love or hate the final result let your stylist know. Your stylist wants you to come out of salon loving your haircut, and he or she  is always willing to fix and primp your cut until it is exactly how you pictured it to be. 
Worst case scenario, you can always wear a swanky hat to cover up that mess of a haircut! Before you know it your locks will be once-again primo gorgeous! 
Red is the new Black.xx

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  1. These are awesome suggestions!! I think most women are too afraid to speak up, but if we actually did it could save alot of us from a disastrous haircut, and god knows we have all experienced that!