Thursday, 17 November 2011

Makeup Trends of FW 2011-2012

Red has picked out all the most up-to-date and fabulous Fall/Winter 2011-2012 makeup trends straight off the runway to help draw inspiration to your look this season .

Go Nude:  Fast, easy, natural and fresh is what this trend is all about!
Natural beauty at its best. It is not very surprising this makeup trend is being seen on the runway once again-nude is always chic. Charlize Theron is one example of a natural beaut who radiates her beauty with nude makeup.  Remember, its still easy to overdue this makeup trend with too much application. You want to accent your best features, while looking natural and flawless. To achieve this look your makeup foundation tone must perfectly suits your complexion.  Using a neutral eyeshadow shade and a lengthening mascara to make your eyes pop is a must. For the finishing touch add a bit of blush to your cheekbones, and gloss to make your lips luscious.

Vampy Lips: Sexy, sophisticated, and chic is what this trend is all about!

Gucci, Jill Sander, Yves St.Laurent

This makeup trend is a total contradiction to the nude look-minimal makeup, natural lips, but looks so fabulous. Keep in mind that a flawless complexion is so important to deliver this look as well. Venture out of your comfort zone into vampy lips of all different shades-from bright orange, to racy red, to the dark purple.

Thick Eyebrows: natural, bold and thick eyebrows are so chic!

Oscar de la Renta

This is the year to say goodbye to the over-plucked, thin eyebrows and hello the bold, thick, boy-like ones. Trust me this is a fabulous look. Thicken up your brows with a pencil to achieve this look. For a daytime look keep the rest of the makeup natural and minimal with some blush on your apples. On the other hand, for the nighttime, sizzle up the look with some vampy lips for that sultry sexy look.

Eye Liner: The power of an eyeliner to create such beauty!
Dolce and Gabbana & Stella McCartney
Lines are so hot right now- from the thin wing eyed lines to the thick lines covering almost all the lid. You can go for a classic version-light and fine (right), or can opt for a more dramatic one-thick and bold (left).

Smokey Eyes: Make them go wild!
Fendi & Chloe
As usual, this is one of the hottest trends of the fall/winter. The only difference is that black is not necessarily the choice of colour to create the look. Black is classic and will always look chic but if you want to step away from the classic and edgy into something more softer use more browns and golds to create the smokey eye.

Orange Smokey Eyes: Colour me Happy!

Orange is the colour of makeup this Fall/Winter. It is the perfect colour to add a punch to your nude look, or to create that  dusky, sensual smokey eye which is so hot this season.

Donna Karen (left) , Rodarte (right)

Try it, I dare you ! xx

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