Monday, 9 January 2012

Style Crush: Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen

Style Sisters, Style Icons

The Olsen twins are not just stylish sisters, but considered to be style icons of their generation. The power sisters who rose to fame as child stars on U.S. TV have since founded two successful high-end clothing labels. The Row and Elizabeth and James have become successful fashion forces in the industry.

In the 2011 Vogue‘s Best Dressed issue, the Olsen twins joined other stylish celebrity siblings to prove that in fashion, two is always better than one!

Throughout their careers both ladies have developed and refined their own personal style. They each have their own distinct look. Ashley rocks a more tailored classic look while Mary Kate is more bohemian-chic with a hint of quirky. Both of the sisters accessorize their looks to the nines with top-notch attention to detail. Ashley's style is said to be a bit more tame opposed to the adventurous style of Mary Kate. Their keen sense of style and openness to fashion is what sets them apart.

Street Chic

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen always run errands in casual chic ensembles.  Their fabulous variety in shoes, beautiful leather totes, and chic sunglasses truly polish off their look while adding a sense of undeniable sophistication.

Modern Style Icons

Although they're twins, their personal style could not be further apart. Ashley Olsen always looks ravishing with sophistication beyond her years. Her looks are very feminine and girly which she teams with shoes and accessories which add a little bit of edge and 'grunge' to her look. Her use of feminine and edgy pieces create a modern sophisticated look.

Mary Kate's look is very unique and is not necessarily defined by current trends. She is a style icon who creates new trends and does not following a certain criteria. Her look is very fashion-forward and open. She is a big fan of bohemian styles and layering ensembles.

Red Carpet Icons

The Olsen twins are no strangers to the red carpet.  The red carpet gives the sisters an opportunity to shine their personal style. With their eclectic gown choices, fantastic shoes and amazing use of accessories their looks always stand out.

Their individual styles may be different; however, each style is not defined by boundaries but by their love of fashion.

Red is the new Black xx

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